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About Me

Who am I?

Why do I run this website?

And why do I rock so hard?

rockin' the organ

My name is Jeff Sepeta and I am a technologist and songwriter. I've had a strong interest in computers since I was young, and have been writing songs since I was 12. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in International Relations and Computer Applications, I've pursued both interests with varying levels of abandon depending on how desperate I was for rent money.

I've played in over a dozen bands, mostly popular rock cover bands. But more importantly I've performed original music with a number of diverse artists in Chicago and South Bend, Indiana. Mostly I play piano, organ, and synthesizer, but I've been known to whip out my guitar or thwack a bit on my bass. I can sing but did not discover the joy of karaoke until just a couple of years ago. I make an effort to fresh material every time I do karaoke and yes, there have been some wince-worthy moments.

I've been running www.lo-res.com since 1995. Back then was a simpler time, with a basic Unix hosting account, Adobe PageMill, Adobe Photoshop, and a bunch of time spent reading Peachpit Press' excellent Visual Quickstart Guide to HTML. Since then, I've moved my hosting to a couple of different sites in order to get a better understanding of technology and how it can be used by myself and my friends, family, and clients. This site is run for fun, not profit.

For a short time in the late 1990's I was in charge of the American Bar Association's intranet, but their internal customers demanded a complex and convoluted site. We were running IIS on a Windows NT4 server, and there were limitations over what we could create and large costs associated with hiring programmers to build all that they wanted. Personally, I prefer simple and elegant design because it's very easy to lose people if you try to do too much on a single screen. lo-res has always been my little corner of the web, and I eschew the complex in favor of that which is functional and attractive, in that order. Louis Sullivan is my hero - "Form ever follows function." Hence www.lo-res.com was borne from my desire to balance both my musical and technical skills, and as a way to rebel against widgets and flashing banners and ugly, distracting design that serves little purpose.

This site you're viewing now was created by me in 2009. Many thanks to MIT for the free tutorial I used for making a tab-based navigational interface.

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