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Here are the instruments in my home studio. I plan to add some information about how I use them and include some examples of the sounds they produce.

Keyboard & Rack Synthesizers
Kurzweil K2500XS
Kurzweil K2500XS + KDFX + digital I/O + 128MB RAM + 2gb HD (will add SCSI flash memory card reader). This keyboard is my treasure -- absolutely beautiful 50-60mb sampled pianos, great action, killer D/A converters, and has some amazing sounds. When I just want to sit down and play piano, this is the synth I turn on. And wait for. And then load a Bosendorfer or Steinway or the Seiler or a Baldwin. Wonder why no Yamaha pianos?
Novation X-Station 61
Novation X-Station 61 - OS 3.003
Serves as my main USB keyboard for recording MIDI parts directly into my computers. I sold off an older Novation and missed the sound, so on occasion I use the built-in 8 voice synth.
Roland Fantom X8
Roland Fantom X8 + 512MB RAM + 10 + 1GB CF cards and PC card converters + 4 SRX cards: Ultimate Keyboards / Supreme Dance / Platinum Trax / World + William Coakley New York & Hamburg Steinways
This is my main axe for composing, as it has a good piano-like feel and sounds great. I've recently moved this up to my bedroom so I can integrate it to my Mac Pro-based workflow.
I started off using a piano to write songs, so this fits my mindset best.
Yamaha MOXF8 Yamaha MOXF8 + needs hold pedal because two of mine stopped working
Kurzweil Kurzweil K2600 + needs fix for audio board which is going bad
Roland V-Synth
Roland V-Synth - OS 2.x, purchased from a Biker Preacher. I'm planning to release a collection of vintage samples that nobody else has ever heard for use with this beastie to be released sometime in 2010. I just wish it had better computer integration for editing the parameters.
Roland XV-2020 Roland XV-2020 - has SRX-02 Concert Piano expansion card installed
Roland JV-1010 Roland JV-1010 - has SJ-JV80-01 Pop expansion card installed
Kurzweil K2500RS - has maximum RAM 128mb + piano daughter card, Orchestral & Contemporary ROM expansion cards + internal SCSI Memory card reader

Kurzweil K2000RS - has maximum RAM 64mb +Orchestral & Contemporary ROM expansion cards

Korg Triton Rack Korg Triton Rack - has maximum RAM and 8 expansion ROMs installed:
EXB-PCM01 Piano and Classic Keys
EXB-PCM02 Studio Essentials
EXB-PCM03 Future Loop Construction
EXB-PCM04 Dance Extreme
EXB-PCM05 Vintage Archives
EXB-PCM06 Orchestral Collection
EXB-PCM07 Orchestral Collection
EXB-PCM09 Trance Attack

Roland JV-1080 - has 4 expansion cards installed:
XP-A SR-JV80-11 Techno
XP-B SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synths
SR-JV80-12 HipHop
SR-JV80-10 Bass & Drums

Behringer RX1602
Behringer RX-1602 Stereo Line Mixer (x2) - 1 for each rack, helps me to monitor the instruments when I'm not recording
MOTU MTP AV MOTU MTP AV - this isn't working right now, and I opened a case with MOTU to troubleshoot the issue
MOTU Midi Express 128
MOTU MIDI Express 128 (mothballed) - I purchased this to replace my Emagic interfaces when my rig was running on Windows 7 but now am not using this since purchasing a Mac Pro.
Roland VK-8
Roland VK-8 - my go-to organ for blues and rock. Mellower than the Nord, but it would benefit from a display and better patch management.
Apple iPad
Apple iPad Air2, 64gb, running lots of cutting edge music apps. I am enjoying getting familiar with the new functionality, and have used it when performing Live once. Recent upgrades to Korg Module mean it's going to see a lot more use.
Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Ovation Custom Balladeer Acoustic/Electric guitar
Ovation Applause Acoustic/Electric bass guitar
Ibanez Bass
Les Paul copy w/ hand-wired Harden Engineering pickups
Alternative Mode DK10
Alternative Mode DrumKat DK-10 - not working
Boss DR-770
Boss DR-770 Drum Machine
Roland D2 Roland D2 - description to come later, requires phono preamp
Alesis SR16 Alesis SR16 - description to come later
Akai XR20 Akai XR20 - description to come later
Korg PadKontrol
Korg PadKontrol - don't often use this
Novation Launchpad
Novation Launchpad - have not used this yet
Behringer BCR2000 Behringer BCR2000 - have not used this yet
Korg Nanopad
Korg Nanopad - not working 100%
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