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Recording Equipment

Digital Audio Interfaces
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Emu 1212M + Audio Dock (not connected)
Boss USB Audio/MIDI interface (on spare PC at folks' house)

ART SGE Mach 2 + MIDI foot controller (not connected)
DBX 266 Project One Compressor
Focusrite Voice Master Pro
Korg DTR-1 Tuner
Line 6 Bass Pod Pro + shortboard
Line 6 Pod Pro XT + longboard
Zoom 506 Bass effects (not connected)

Behringer Stomp Box Pedal Effects
AM400 Ultra Acoustic Modeler
BO100 Blues Overdrive
C0600 Chorus Orchestra
CS400 Compressor Sustainer
DD400 Digital Delay
DM100 Distortion Modeler
DR600 Digital Reverb
EM600 Echo Machine
EQ700 Graphic Equalizer
FD300 Ultra Feedback Distortion
FM600 Filter Machine
HD300 Heavy Distortion
RM600 Rotary Machine
SE200 Spectrum Enhancer
SF300 Super Fuzz
SM200 Slow Motion
SO400 Super Octaver
TP300 Ultra Tremolo Pan
TU300 Chromatic Tuner
UC200 Ultra Chorus
UF300 Ultra Flanger
UM300 Ultra Metal
UP300 Ultra Phase Shifter
US600 Ultra Shifter / Harmonist
UV300 Ultra Vibrato
VD400 Vintage Delay
WD300 Warp Distortion
XD300 Distortion X

Boss Stomp Box Pedal Effects
CE-20 Chorus Ensemble
DD-20 Giga Delay
OD-20 Drive Zone
RC-20 Loop Station
RE-20 Space Echo
SL-20 Slicer
TU-2 Tuner

BeyerDynamic TGX-60 Dynamic Microphone
Cascade M-20 Condenser Microphone
Cascade MX-56 Vacuum Tube Microphone
Marshall Electronics MXL 990 Condenser Microphone (2)
Marshall Electronics MXL 991 Condenser Microphone (2)
Shure Beta 52 Bass & Kick Drum Microphone
Shure SM-58 Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM-48 Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM-57 (3) Condenser Microphones

MIDI Interfaces
MOTU MIDI Express 128
M-Audio MIDISport Uno 1-port USB MIDI interface (moves between Mac and PC)
Cheap knockoff of the MIDISport Uno
Opcode Studio 4
Mac 8-port serial MIDI interface (2, not connected)

Behringer RX1602 8 channel stereo line mixer (2)
Mackie 1604-VLZ 16-channel, 4-bus mixer (not connected)
Yamaha MG102 10-channel, 4-bus mixer (used to mix left and right RX1602's)

Sound Reinforcement
Behringer Keyboard Amp
Line 6 Spider IV 150 guitar amp
Peavey Combo 210TX 200-watt bass Amplifier
Sennheiser HD495
Sennheiser HD450 Headphones
Sony headphones
Sony active subwoofer
Traynor 100-watt keyboard amplifier

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