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Virtual Instruments

The images below can be used as track icons in Apple Logic. As time permits, I may get around to linking these icons to more information on their specific function, sound, and such. This is not a high priority for me right now.

Some of these icons depict virtual effects, not instruments. You may be able to use these icons in other DAWs, but they're formatted for Logic.

I've recently started adding icons which cover various Music & MIDI apps for the iPad and iPhone that I own. I use these icons to note the iPad-generated audio that I bring into Logic projects. As I get more familiar with these tools, I'm certain that they will become my sketchpads when I'm away from my DAW.

Ableton Live
Evoc20EVOC 20
EVP 88
Apple Delay DesignerDelay Designer
Space DesignerSpace Designer
Arturia Prophet VArturia Prophet V
Arturia Arp 2600
Arturia Arp
Arturia CS-80V
Arturia CS-80V

Arturia Jupiter-8VArturia Jupiter-8V

Arturia MiniMoogArturia Minimoog
Arturia Moog ModularArturia Moog Modular
Arturia SEM VArturia SEM V
G-Media ImposcarGForce Imposcar
GMedia MTronGForce MTron
G-Media OddityGForce Oddity
da hornet
Da Hornet
IK Multimedia SampletankSampleTank 2
izotope iDrumiDrum
izotope SpectronIzotope Spectron
Izotope VinylIsotope Vinyl
Korg Legacy CellKorg Legacy Cell
Korg M1 LegacyKorg Legacy M1
Korg Legacy MonoPolyKorg Mono/Poly
Korg Legacy MS-20Korg Legacy MS-20
Korg Legacy PolysixKorg Legacy Polysix
Korg Legacy WavestationKorg Wavestation
Native Instruments AbsynthNI Absynth
NI Akoustik PianoNI Akoustik Piano
Native Instruments B4NI B4
Native Instruments BatteryNI Battery
NI Elektrik PianoNI Elektrik Piano
Native Instruments FM7
Native Instruments FM8NI FM8
Native Instruments Guitar RigNI Guitar Rig
Native Instruments KontaktNI Kontakt
Native Instruments Kore 2
NI Kore
Native Instruments Massive
NI Kore 2
Native Instruments Pro-53
NI Pro-53
Native Instruments ReaktorNI Reaktor
Native Instruments SpektralNI Spektral
Native Instruments VokatorNI Vokator
Novation Bass StationBass Station
Novation V-StationV-Station
Propellerheads ReasonReason
Propellerheads Refill
Propellerheads RewireRewire channel
Propellerheads REXREX file
Propellerheads CombinatorCombinator
Propellerheads Dr REXDr:rex
Propellerheads MalstromMaelstrom
Propellerheads NN19NN-19
Propellerheads NNXTNN-XT
Propellerheads RebirthReBirth RB-338
Propellerheads ReDrumRedrum
Propellerheads SubtractorSubtractor
Steinberg Groove Agent 3Groove Agent 3
Steinberg Halion 3Halion 3
Steinberg Halions String OrchestraHalion Symphonic
WayOutWare KikAxxeKik Axxe
Waldorf AttackWaldorf Attack
Waldorf D-PoleD Pole
Waldorf PPG V2PPG Wave 2V
Digital Fishphones BlockfishBlockFish
Digital Fishphones FloorFishFloorFish
Digital Fishphones SpitfishSpitFish
PSP Vintage WarmerVintage Warmer
Dimension FreeVerb MDA effects Ohmygod Mach-O Rapture Rough Rider
Scarlett Suite SI-Bass Guitar SI-Drum Kit SI-Electric Piano SI-String Section Steinberg Karlette
Steinberg Neon Steinberg Model-E Steinberg VB-1 UVI Workstation    
iPad Music Apps
AC-7 Pro Control Amplitude Free Chordica XL DJ SoundBox Pro Echo String Free ElectroBeats
Grain Science GrooveMaker Free Guitar Tuner Guitar World Lick of the Day Harmonizer JamPad
Loopy HD Mandolinz moxMatrix Music Tool LE Petites Ondes PixelWave
Sound Scope Space for iPad SoundPrism Steinway Etude ThumbJam Touch DJ Evolution VocaLive Free for iPad
Voice Band Voice Jam Voice Synth Yamaha Scale Tuner US    


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