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  • Tom Sullinger| July 24, 2019

    Hey, this is Tom, I’m the one you’ve been helping on ebay with the native instruments issues. Nice website!!! Thanks for sending the link.

  • Mat| December 21, 2021

    Jeff, I wanted to say it was really nice meeting you and your puppy. I hope the Sledge brings you as much PPG/wavetable inspiration as it brought me… anything that it lacks in mod matrix flexibility, I would say it more than makes up for in programming quickness, musicality, and value-for-dollar. Additionally, it’s always nice meeting someone who appreciates what a slept-on gem the Virus B/ Classic is. If you can score an Alesis Ion, that’s probably my other sleeper favorite.


    1) My band’s album:

    2) Review on PopMatters

    3) My brother’s way more talented than me (check out track 10, “If We Couldn’t Count On Each Other”)

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