Here are the instruments I own.

Keyboard Synthesizers
Hammond XK-3 Hammond XK-3
One of the best Hammond B3 clones
Novation Impulse
USB Controller – used as second manual for Hammond XK-3. It has waterfall keys!
Ashun Sound Hydrasynth Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth 2.0
Wavetable synthesizer with tons of tactile controls
Filled all 8 banks with sounds
Korg 707 Korg 707
8 voice multitimbral 4-operator FM synthesizer
but also a Keytar
Korg DS-8 Korg DS-8
8 voice multitimbral 4-operator FM synthesizer with FX, plus velocity and aftertouch
Korg Krome 88  Korg Krome 88
120 voice ROMpler, 16 part multitimbral with arpeggiator, sequencer, and effects
Customized with EDM patches
Korg Modwave Korg Modwave
The baby fathered by a DW-8000 and a Korg Kaoss Pad
200 wavetables, 2 filters, motion sequencing, and effects
Korg Nautilus-88 Korg Nautilus 88
9 sound engines with hundreds of voices of total polyphony
4gb total storage; 2gb+ used by default sounds
Korg OpSix Korg OpSix
32 voice FM synthesizer with tons of tactile controls,  arpeggiator, 16-step sequencer, and effects
6 operators, 21 oscillator waveforms, 40 algorithms, 11 filters
Korg Poly-800 Reverse Keys Korg Poly-800, reverse keys
8 voice, 2 oscillator analog synthesizer
but also a keytar
Korg Triton Korg Triton Classic
+ 32mb RAM, SCSI
62 voice multitimbral ROMpler + sampler with 2 arpeggiators
Korg Wavestate Korg WaveState
64-voice, 4-layer Wave Sequencing synthesizer with 4 LFOs and 14 simultaneous effects
Kurzweil K2000 V3 Kurzweil K2000 V3
+ 8mb RAM, Janus chipset 3.45
MINT condition, 64mb RAM, waiting for Janus 3.87 upgrade + Zulu SCSI drive
Kurzweil K2500XS Kurzweil K2500XS
+ 128MB RAM, PRAM, 2gb SCSI hard drive, KDFX, Piano board, Contemporary ROM, Orchestral ROM,
Kurzweil PC3K8 Kurzweil PC3K8
the PC3 reinvention of Kurzweil meets the K-Series
Kurzweil K2700 Kurzweil K2700
32 layers of VAST, includes VA-1 Virtual Analog and 6-operator FM synthesis
M-Audio Venom M-Audio Venom
Virtual Analog synthesizer with very modern-sounding presets
Modal Argon 8 Modal Argon 8
Modal Cobalt 8 Modal Cobalt 8
Novation Bass Station II Novation Bass Station II
3 oscillator analog monophonic synthesizer with arpeggiator and sequencer
Optimized for bass sounds, as the 3rd oscillator is a Sub-Oscillator
Novation Ultranova Novation Ultranova
20 voice, 3 oscillator virtual analog synthesizer
Novation X-Station 25 Novation X-Station 25
8 voice, 3 oscillator virtual analog synthesizer
Novation X-Station 61 Novation X-Station 61
8 voice, 3 oscillator virtual analog synthesizer
Roland Boutique A-01 + Roland K-25m
Monophonic chiptune synthesizer and CV Controller
Roland D-05+K25m Roland Boutique D-05 + Roland K-25m
A Roland D-50 in a tiny chassis
Roland Fantom 8 Roland Fantom 8
V-Piano, SuperNatural instruments, ZEN-Core, VTW Organ, and N/Zyme engines
+ Jupiter-8, Juno-106, SH-101, JX-8P models
Sampling, Sequencing, and new Scene architecture
Roland Fantom X8 Roland Fantom X8
+ 32MB RAM, SRX-05 Supreme Dance, SRX-07 Ultimate Keys, SRX-08 Platinum Trax, SRX-09 World Collection + 29 compact flash cards w/ patches
Roland Boutique JD-08 Roland Boutique JD-08
A modern take on the JD-800
Roland Boutique JP-08 + Roland K-25m
A 4-voice Jupiter 8
Roland Boutique JU-06 + Roland K-25m
A 4 voice Juno 6
Roland Boutique JX-03 + Roland K-25m
A 4 voice JX-3P
Roland Boutique JX-08 Roland Boutique JX-08
A modern take on the JX-8P
Roland Boutique SH-01A + Roland K-25m
A modern SH-101
Roland System-1 Roland System-1
Virtual Analog synthesizer with plug-outs
Roland Boutique TB-03 + Roland K-25m
A Roland TB-303 with a keyboard
Roland Boutique VP-03 + Roland K-25m
Vocoder and String synthesizer
Roland V-Synth
+ VC-1 D-50 card, 5 compact flash cards
StudioLogic Sledge Black Studiologic Sledge Black
Wavetable synthesizer
Yamaha Motif 7 Yamaha Motif 7
Yamaha MOXF8 Yamaha MOXF8
+ 1gb flash storage
ROMpler with a ton of sounds and arpeggiations


Donner Telecaster Donner Telecaster
Epiphone Les Paul Custom Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III Custom Limited Edition
6 string electric guitar
with embedded tuner
Music Man Bongo 6 String Bass Music Man Bongo (knockoff)
6 string electric bass guitar
with roundwound strings
Fender American Standard Stratocaster Fender American Standard Stratocaster
6 string electric guitar
with custom pickguard
Pawnshop Les Paul Kay Les Paul
6 string electric guitar
w/ handwound pickups from Harden Engineering
Ibanez Artcore AFS75T Ibanez Artcore AFS75T
Hollowbody 6 string electric guitar
Ibanez Expressionist 4 String Bass Ibanez Expressionist
4 string bass w/ flatwound strings
Ibanez SRV 5 String Bass Ibanez SRV405
5 string bass w/ flatwound strings
Ovation Applause Bass Ovation Applause
Acoustic/Electric 4 string bass guitar
Ovation Celebrity Ovation Custom Balladeer
Acoustic/Electric 6 string guitar


Additional Instruments
Access Virus B Access Virus B
Virtual Analog synthesizer
Alesis Nanobass Alesis NanoBass
Alesis QSR
+ Vintage Keyboards , Vintage Synthesizers Q Cards
Alesis S4 Plus Alesis S4 Plus
Emu ProFormance 1 Plus Emu ProFormance 1+
Piano module with additional instruments
Emu e5000 Ultra Emu e5000 Ultra
+ 64mb RAM, CF reader, 128gb CF card, SCSI CD-ROM drive
Emu Proteus 2500 Emu Proteus 2500
+ Composer ROM, Planet Phatt ROM
ROMpler with 4 slots for expansion ROMs
Kawai K1R Kawai K1R
Kawai K1R II
Korg 03R/W Korg 03R/W
+ 01/W Dance ROM card
Korg 05R/W Korg 05R/W
Korg M3 Desktop Expanded
ROMpler with sample playback and KARMA v2 + drum tracks
Korg M3R Korg M3R
Baby M1 ROMpler
MS2000R Korg MS2000R
4 voice Virtual Analog synthesizer
Korg NS5R Korg NS5R
Korg NX5R
Like the NS5R ROMpler, but includes a Yamaha XG expansion board
Korg TR Rack Korg TR-Rack
Rackmount Korg Trinity
Korg Triton Rack
+ 96MB RAM + EXB-01 Piano / Classic Keyboards, EXB-02 Studio Essential, EXB-03 Future Loop Construction Set, EXB-04 Dance Extreme, EXB-05 Vintage Archives, EXB-06+EXB-07 Orchestral Collection, EXB-09 Trance Attack. 
Korg Wavestation SR
+ MCR-03 x2, MCR-02 x2
Wave Sequencing synthesizer
Korg Volca Bass Korg Volca Bass
desktop bass synthesizer
Korg Volca Beats Korg Volca Beats
desktop drum synthesizer
Korg Volca Drum Korg Volca Drum
desktop drum synthesizer
Korg Volca FM Korg Volca FM
3 voice desktop DX7 6-operator FM synthesizer
Korg Volca Keys Korg Volca Keys
desktop synthesizer
Korg Volca Kick Korg Volca Kick
desktop drum synthesizer
Korg Volca Sample Korg Volca Sample
desktop sample playback synthesizer
Korg X3R Korg X3R
rackmount Korg X3, faulty floppy drive
Kurzweil K2000RS
+ 64MB RAM, PRAM, SCSI CF reader, Contemporary ROM, Orchestral ROM
Sampler with all the ROMs
Kurzweil K2500RS
+ 128MB RAM, PRAM, SCSI CF reader, Piano board, Contemporary ROM, Orchestral ROM
Sampler with all the ROMs
Kurzweil K2600RS Kurzweil K2600RS
+ 128MB RAM, PRAM, SCSI SD reader, Contemporary ROM, Orchestral ROM
Sampler with half the ROMs
Make Noise 0 Coast Make Noise No Coast
Desktop Semi-Modular synthesizer
Pittsburgh Modular SV-1B Pittsburgh Modular SV-1B
Desktop Semi-Modular synthesizer
Roland D-110 Roland D-110
Roland Fantom XR Roland Fantom XR
ROMpler with sample playback
Roland JV-880
Roland JV-1010 Roland JV-1010
ROMpler with 1 SR-JV80 expansion slot
Roland JV-2080 Roland JV-2080
+ SR-JV80-01 Pop, SR-JV80-02 Orchestral, SR-JV80-05 World, SR-JV80-09 Session,
SR-JV80-10 Bass & Drum, SR-JV80-11 TechnoSR-JV80-12 Hip Hop
ROMpler with 1 free expansion slot
Roland U110 Roland U-110
My least-favorite ROMpler of all time.
Nearly indecipherable operating system.
Roland U-220 Roland U-220
My second-to-least-favorite ROMpler of all time.
Roland learned NOTHING from the failures of the U-110
Roland JV-2020 Roland XV-2020
ROMpler with 1 SRX expansion slot
Roland XV-5080 Roland XV-5080
Yamaha Motif Rack ES Yamaha Motif ES Rack
Yamaha TG55
Yamaha TG100 Yamaha TG100
Yamaha TG500 Yamaha TG500
Yamaha TX81Z
4-op FM synthesizer with 8 waveforms (not limited to Sine waves)


Drum Machines
Akai XR20
Alesis SR-16
Boss DR-770
Boss DR-880 Boss DR-880
Drum machine with bass part
Roland D2 Roland D2
GrooveBox with DJ-style controls
Roland MC-303 Roland MC-303
Groovebox with TB-303 sounds
Roland MC-505 Roland MC-505
The instrument which set the standard for what a groovebox should be
Roland TR-6S Roland TR-6S
Sample-based drum machine with 6 sound kits and 8 variations per pattern
Roland TR-8
Analog-modeled performance drum machine


Modular Synthesizers
Blue Row Blue Row
Moog Mother-32
+ 4MS Shuffling Clock Divider + Breakout
+ 2HP Turing Module
+ Tiptop Audio Mix-Z
Red Row Red Row
Behringer Neutron
Black Row Black Row
Roland System-1M
Green Row Green Row
ALM Pamela’s Workout Programmable Clock Source
+ Behringer Model D
+ CFM BiPolar Half-Wave Rectifier
+ Qu-Bit Electronix Nano Rand
Orange Row
Behringer K-2
Teal Row
Behringer Pro-1
Behringer CAT Tan Row
Behringer CAT
Behringer Wasp Deluxe Purple Row
Behringer Wasp Deluxe
MakeNoise DPO
+ MakeNoise Maths
+ Expert Sleepers Disting mk 3
+ TipTop Audio Z8000 Mk1 Sequencer
+ STG Audio .Mix
+TipTop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO Mk2
+ BubbleSound Instruments VCA4p
+ Intellijel Quadra
+ EMW VCF-SP (Steiner-Parker)
+ 2HP Comb
+ 2HP Mix
+ Mutable Instruments Clouds w/ Parasites
Behringer Go A
2HP Seq
+ Pittsburgh Modular Generator X
+ Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor
+ EricaSynths Pico Dual Linear VCA
+ Synthrotek ADSR
+ Batumi 1974 Quadruple LFO
+ EricaSynths Pico VCF1 Polivoks Filter
+ Doepfer A-106-5 SEM Filter
+ Doepfer A-124 VCF5 Wasp Filter
+ Harvestman Malgorithm
+ Antimatter Audio Sub Ring
2HP Clock
+ 4MS Rotating Clock Divider
+ 4MS RCD Expander
+ 4MS Shuffling Clock Divider
+ 4MS Shuffling Clock Expander
+ Intellijel MicroVCA
+ Waldorf NW-1 Wavetable Oscillator
+ 2Hp ADSR
+ Intellijel Korgasmatron II
+ 2HP Freeze
Behringer Go B
under construction Lavender Row
under construction Silver Row
under construction Yellow Row
under construction White Row



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