Music Not Guns

Children having fun with the Korg Karma during a Music Not Guns visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe school in Chicago

I very much enjoy demonstrating synthesizers to school-aged children. It is important to engage them in creative endeavors so that they may learn to play music instead of expressing their anger and frustration through gun violence. I’ve given demonstrations in 3 schools in Chicago, and it’s been a lot of fun for me as well as for the children. I bring in a half-dozen synthesizers and show them that music comes in many styles and flavors. And there’s nothing quite as joyous as the act of creation. It’s often a bit cacophonous, but when kids realize that they can make new sounds that nobody else has ever heard, it blows their minds.

Knobcon Kids

I have also brought a large collection of synthesizers to Knobcon to share my love of music with the public. It is important for people to find joy through the act of creation, and synthesizers can be a part of that.

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