16" MacBook Pro


Korg Modwave

My goal for the end of 2022 is to complete my work converting old songs in older versions of Logic on the Mac Pro so that I can bring them into the latest version of Logic. Next I’ll work on the Cubase and Pro Tools files, of which there are far fewer. I am excited to have the new features in Logic Pro which include mixing in Spatial Audio.

I’m in the process of upgrading from my old MacDAW [2010 Mac Pro] to a new MacDAW [2021 MacBook Pro]. This means migrating from the Intel versions of Logic, Cubase, and Pro Tools to their Apple Silicon native counterparts. The initial benchmarks look good – increasing from a Passmark score of 13,000 to a Passmark score of 22,000.
However the cost of the new computer compared to my old used workhorse is no joke – Apple’s SSD offerings are quite expensive and sure, they’re faster than any mechanical drive but cripes! I have so much downloadable content that I found my old MacBook Pro’s 2TB SSD filling up, as it attempted to sync with the Mac Pro’s 8tb drive.


  • MacOS: Monterey 12.3.1
  • CPU: M1 Max, 10 cores
  • RAM: 64gb
  • SSD: 4tb
  • NAS: Drobo 5N2 w/ 5x WD Black 8TB drives
  • 2x Samsung 27″ 4k displays – when plugged into my workspace
  • USB-C dock with USB A ports, HDMI jack, and RJ45 Ethernet – until I can find a Thunderbolt 4 dock that I like

Of course this means updating my large collection of plugins, which is not an easy task. I occasionally run Ableton Live, Reaper, Reason, and Studio One, mostly to keep current with how the competition runs. I highly recommend that anyone who is starting out with recording their own songs focus on a much more limited handful of tools and get familiar with them – do not do as I have done, since I’ve been recording music on my Mac since the late 1990’s.

Additionally, my home studio has seen some physical changes the past couple of years, as I moved last summer and have since acquired several newer synthesizer models which have USB onboard. This means I’m more likely to focus on one or two keyboards or Volcas at my kitchen table when starting on new songs. It’s a real adventure.

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