The Wave Song

Korg Wavestation AD

If you have a synthesizer from the 1980’s or 1990’s, it is likely that your instrument has a lithium battery will die sooner or later. For many of these keyboards and rack units, the memory will be cleared when the battery is changed, losing all your sounds. I can help you fix your synth and recover the missing sounds, or load a large collection of new sounds you have never heard before. Since 2001 I’ve been selling Vintage Synth Rescue Kits on eBay. My kits demonstrate step-by-step instructions in PDF format for both Mac and Windows users. VSRK sales are still going strong with over 6,000 orders from musicians in over 8o countries. I support over 100 synths, so you should check out my store at the link if you are interested in fixing your synthesizers or simply curious about loading fresh sounds.